Toca Life: Stable MOD APK v1.5 Play (Unlocked All)

Welcome to a world with horses and exciting things to do! Groom, take care of, and show horses. Play dueling from the Middle Ages or the Wild West. Camp out under the stars and ride motorbikes! In Toca Life: Stable, you can play however you want.

VISIT AN INTERESTING WORLD THE STABLE: You can take care of your horses if you go into the stable. Wash and brush them, and you’re ready to go for a run. Take a break in the club room when you’re done brushing your horses and picking up their poop.

THE ARENA: Move on to the arena and show off how well your horse can jump. Listen to the cheers as the winners get on the stage. After the party, you can race bikes in the arena (vroom!) or get a snack in the food court.

THE WOODS: Are you ready to play in the woods? Pick your most reliable horse and go on an adventure in the woods, where you can sleep in your sleeping bag under the stars and swim in the waterfall in the morning.

THE SHOP: Go to the shop if you need more horse gear. You’ll find everything you need there.

You can use the horse transport to move your horses, gear, bikes, and even people from one place to another. Put the things you want to move in the transport, close the door, and tap a button to choose the new location. Everything will be delivered to the spot you choose, so you can start your next journey.

You can make a unique video by using the app’s recording tool. This function records your voice and the way your characters move as you tell the story. Make movies that last up to two minutes and save them to your camera roll so you can share them later.

Explore four places: the stable, the ring, the forest, and the shop.
– Make up stories for 24 new characters, plus horses and other animals.
– Take care of your horses by feeding them, giving them a good bath, and brushing them.
– Pick outfits from your best themes, like the Middle Ages, the Wild West, everyday life, or fantasy.
– Hop on to race motorbikes in the arena and ride bikes in the forest.
Set up hurdles and show off how well your horse can jump!
Eat at the food court and use the temporary toilets!
– Have a campout!
– Snuggle up in your sleeping bag to keep warm while camping under the stars.
– Ride in a boat or swim near a waterfall.
– Magic flower pads can be used to make music.
– Use the horse carrier to move horses, people, and things from one place to another.
– Use the app to record your stories and share them with your friends!
– There’s no time limit or high score list, so you can play as long as you want!
– No ads from other companies

Horses have been one of the things people have asked for most in the Toca Life series. So we made an app that has everything to do with horses! What would you like to see in the next Toca Life game? You can share your ideas by writing a review or by messaging @tocaboca on Instagram and YouTube.

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