Top War Battle Game v1.351.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)

The Dark Legion is on its way, Commander!

The world is run by these Tyrants! War all the time, people living all over the country, and a world with no hope. Who will set us free? Become the most powerful Commander and a brave leader in the Freedom League’s fight against the Legion. Merge to make your buildings, skills, and units stronger. If you can merge it, you can make it stronger.


Top War is an innovative strategy game with a merge-to-upgrade mechanic. You no longer have to wait for long periods of time to upgrade; just merge two things together, and the upgrade is done right away. Find Legendary Heroes to lead the troops in the Land, Navy, and Airforce to success. Upgrade your heroes and troops with special skills and gear to lead all three forces to immortality.

Start on a barren, empty island and build an idyllic base where you can train your troops, get stronger, and free the land. It’s good that strength doesn’t just come from troops. You can use a variety of buildings and decorations to make an island that is both stylish and strong. Come show off your own personal style!

You can fight online with players from all over the world in different game modes like Server vs. Server wars, Dark Forces, War Robots, and weekly Capital Throne Showdowns, all while experiencing real battles with your group. Fight for fame, free those who are being mistreated, and beat your enemies!



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