TruckSimulation 16 MOD APK v1.2.0.7018 (Unlimited Money, Fuel)

In TruckSimulation 16, you drive one of nine real trucks just like you would in real life. Start out with an old, broken-down car and do a variety of supply contracts across a big road network in Western and Central Europe to earn your first coins. You can use the money you make to buy better trucks, like five exact copies of MAN tractor units.
There are many different kinds of missions, from normal orders to transporting dangerous goods. Choose the right trailer for one of eight different types of goods. For example, use the wood semitrailer to move bulky goods and the frozen trunk-semitrailer to move food.

The road network goes through a lot of Central and Western Europe, and with more than 20 towns that have real landmarks, it makes driving on familiar roads a lot of fun.
If you make your trips carefully and on time, you will get bonuses that you can use to improve your business. For example, in the management menu, you can hire new workers who can make trips and bring in money for new trucks and trailers.

Have you saved up some money? Then buy the exact copy of Team Hahn’s racing truck, which they have used to win several European championships, and drive a real racing truck along Europe’s roads.
Will you become the most important shipping company in Europe?

Media quotes:
– TruckSimulation 16 is great if you like to play games where you drive trucks.
– Simulation fans can’t go wrong with this freebie at this low price.- The game is a good way to spend a few hours in the evening or a few minutes on your way to work in the morning. People who have never played a game like this before and find the life of a trucker less appealing will be surprised by how entertaining this recreation is.- This game really captures what it’s like to be a driver.


– 9 realistic cars
– Licensed by MAN to make exact copies of their tractor units.- Team Hahn’s real race truck
– There are 8 different kinds of trailers for 8 different kinds of goods.- A huge road system that is based on large parts of Central and Western Europe and looks just like them.- More than 20 towns and the famous places in them
– The cockpit view and accurate modeling of MAN parts make the game even more real.- Full management system: hire drivers and build garages in different places to grow your empire.The following languages can be used with the app: US-EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, TR, PL, BRZ PT, JP, RU, DU, CZ, FI, NO, SE, ZH-TR, ZH-SI

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