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Snap your math homework, no matter what kind it is, and AI Tutor Eva will give you quick answers and detailed explanations.
Find math teachers online around the clock!

“A Very Strong Math Solver”
TutorEva is not just your average math homework helper app. It can solve all kinds of math questions, including algebra, geometry, and even word problems. TutorEva can help you with almost all of your math needs, from the most usual math homework problems to those on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, A-level, SSAT, etc.).
With Eva by your side, math problems will never scare you again.
Download this powerful math scanner, TutorEva, and you’ll always have a math teacher with you, no matter where you are.
Scan any math problem or math homework, and AI tutor Eva will give you step-by-step answers and explanations in seconds!

Math has never been so easy as it is now, thanks to Interactive Teaching.
Eva is a cool AI figure that will help you with your math homework.She’s ready to help you if you get stuck or don’t understand the answers.
With interactive AI lessons and detailed explanations to help you understand “how” and “why,” you’ll never have to struggle with your math tasks again!
“Mathematicians Are Ready to Help”
TutorEva also has math experts ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Just send in a math problem ticket, and within 30 minutes, our expert will give you a thorough answer.

“A Customized Experience”TutorEva has more than just “snap and solve.” It also has things like “Focus Time with Eva” and clothes that can be changed. This can help you keep math fun and interesting as you learn it.br>br>br>br>br>br>br>b
– Take a picture of math questions from your homework or standardized tests, and you’ll get answers right away.
– All you have to do is take a picture of your math homework or math problems, and AI tutor Eva will give you step-by-step answers and explanations in seconds.– Clear, step-by-step answers
AI interactive lecture and detailed training from an AI tutor to help you understand “how” and “why.”- Cute AI avatar, and an online shop with lots of clothes for Eva to keep things interesting.Smart photo recognition: Take a picture of a handwritten or printed math problem and it will be recognized almost quickly.- Can solve different kinds of math questions, including word problems.
“What Can Eva Do About It?”
– NUMBERS: How to work with numbers and how to work with complex numbers- ALGEBRA: Arithmetic Operations, Numerical Factorization, Monomial Algebra, Polynomial Algebraic, Rational Expression, Radical Algebra, Exponential Algebra, Logarithmic Algebra, Solve for equation (sets) and solve for inequality (sets).- FUNCTION: Analyzing Elementary Functions (Value, Domain, Analytic Function), Graphing Elementary Functions, Function Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and Compositions, Non-linear Functions, Quadratic Functions.
– GEOMETRY: Geometrical Proof, Geometrical Operations, Circle, Conic Section
– TRIGONOMETRY: The Function of Trigonometry
– Math modeling: list algebraic expressions for word problems, list equations or inequalities for word problems, list function applications, geometric applications, and function applications.- WORD PROBLEMS

You can take your learning to the next level by using TutorEva Pro.
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