WallCandy APK v1.7.0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

WallCandy – Unique Amoled, HD, 4K Wallpaper with Autochanger is a free app with a large number of unique collections that have been chosen. It has more than 10000+ backgrounds for your phone that are truly special.

We think that phone images are like clothes for phones. The real reason we made this app was that we wanted different wallpapers for our own phones. Most of the wallpaper apps in the Play Store right now are pretty much the same and just offer a bunch of stock photos. We wanted a lot more on the backgrounds.

So, we made Wallcandy, where most of the wallpapers are works of art made by very skilled digital artists. Each wallpaper has a story behind it and says something on its own.


Art Works: We try to only add truly unique works of art to our collections, not thousands of stock pictures of cars, mountains, and flowers that look the same.

Auto Wallpaper Changer: Wallcandy will change your wallpaper every day to something new. For backgrounds to change, you don’t have to make a playlist. Just stay linked to the internet and you’ll see the magic.

Quality: Most of the wallpapers have very high resolutions, and some of them even have 4k images.

Device adaptability – No matter what size your screen is, all works of art will be changed to fit your device. Even if it’s an old Android phone or a computer. Yes, that’s how it’s been set up.

Most of the pictures in the app are free, so it’s almost free. For some images, you have to pay a fee.

Some ads: Wallcandy is almost free of ads. With just one ad per day, we could pay for our server.

It has a built-in search, works in dark mode, keeps a history of wallpapers, and much more.

All of the pictures in this app are licensed under a “common creative license,” which means that the credit goes to the people who made them. These pictures aren’t backed by any of the potential owners, and they’re just used to make the site look nicer. There is no intention to break any copyrights, and any request to take down one of the pictures, brands, or names will be honoured.


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