War Machines v7.11.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Show Enemies Radar)

How are you, Commander?
Welcome to War Machines, a fast-paced tank fight game with lots of action.

Play online games with up to 8 people, take part in weekly clan wars, move up the ranks, and unlock the most powerful and dangerous war machines to BECOME A LEGEND!

WAR MACHINES is a game that has a lot of action and is based on strategy. You have to handle a tank in a series of 3-minute matches to win the war.




You start the game as a Private with the good old Chaffee. As you move up in the military, you can unlock the historic Panzer IV, the famous T90, and even the cutting-edge M1A2 SEP v3!

To win, you must kill the enemies, collect materials, and improve your tank.
– Win the war, and when it’s all said and done, have fun!




We’re proud of the strong group we’ve put together over more than 4 years.
We have thousands of clans all over the world. They are led by strong people who play together and help each other in fight every day.
But everyone is sure to be very competitive!
Your friends will help you learn the rules and set you up for success, but your enemies will try to beat your clan in battle.




Are you caught? Call the planes in!
Maybe your enemy is too strong. Change your bullets to High Explosive or Armor-Piercing and see if that helps. It’s just the beginning!


To get to the top, you have to be smart enough to learn everything there is to know about the fight.


FEATURES: There are more than 30 real 3D tanks.
– 4 unique areas to fight – 3 action-packed game modes (alone or in a team)
You can learn more than 30 skills from technology trees that let you change your tank and how you play. Over 40 cool bonuses. 10 kinds of bullets. (AP, APDS, HEAT, HESH, etc.)
– There are more than 30 ways to make your tank stand out. (military patterns and decals)
There can be up to 50 people in a clan. Clan Wars and the Championship are live events!!


This game was made by the same guys who made Sniper 3D, Tennis Clash, and Zooba.
Play War Machines, an online tank battle game where you can play with other people for free.

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