War Robots MOD APK v8.8.10 (Unlimited Money, Inactive Bots)

Commander, it’s great to see you!
War Robots is a pocket-sized gun game about huge robots. Join epic PvP fights against pilots from all over the world and show them who’s the smartest, fastest, toughest pilot around! Prepare for sneak attacks, complicated moves, and other tricks that your enemies may have up their sleeves. Destroy! Capture! Upgrade! Get stronger and show that you are the best mech commander in the online War Robots world.
Pick who you want to fight. You can choose from more than 50 robots, each with a different look and set of skills.
Play how you want. Want to break and crush? to save and keep safe? Or just make your enemies very, very angry? With the huge number of weapons, like ballistic rockets, plasma cannons, and giant shotguns, you can do anything.
Customize. You can put guns and modules on each robot that you choose. Find your best combination and show off your skills.
Fight with other people in multiplayer. Join forces with others! Join a strong group to find reliable allies (and friends! ), or start your own.
Fight by yourself. Like to play by yourself? Special modes like Arena and Free-for-All let lone dogs show off their skills.
Learn the history. With every update, the War Robots world grows and gets bigger, and the community is always ready to help.
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