WCC3 MOD APK v1.5 (Unlimited Coins, All Unlocked) for android

WCC3 is a realistic mobile cricket game with new controls, professional commentary, exciting animations, real-time motion capture of professional cricketers, and powerful artificial intelligence. We will keep adding new features and making changes to WCC3 so that you can have an amazing smartphone cricket game that has everything. WCC3 is a follow-up to World Cricket Championship 2 for the next generation. (WCC2).

WCC3 is a game about cricket made by cricket fans for cricket fans.

Get into the spirit of cricket to the fullest!
• Hundreds of new full-motion videos of cricket players hitting, bowling, and playing in the field.
• Professional commentary from Matthew Hayden, an Australian cricket legend, and Aakash Chopra, a famous Indian cricket player and top commentator.
• Brand-new stadiums, lighting, and fields that will captivate you while you play.
• Tournaments like the World Cup, Tri Series, ODIs, Ashes, Test Cricket, and more let you feel the thrill of professional cricket.
• Hot Events lets you connect game play to live cricket and mimic real-time games in game.
• NPL: Premier League, with auctions and realistic games. • AI that changes based on how good you are.
• For the first time, there will be cricket fields with different sizes.

Career Mode is brand new!
• Start out as a humble cricket player and move up through domestic, league, and foreign games.
• You can play more than 400 matches, spread out over 25 games and 3 brackets. Show that you are a good player in all kinds of forms.
• Enjoy beautiful images that tell your story in a way that makes sense at every stage.
• Choose your matches, your gear, and your ability upgrades in a strategic way to reach your goals.

Make your own team and run it!
• Put together your dream cricket team as the leader, manager, player, or coach.
• Player Upgrade Cards make your Squad members better in 18 different ways.
• Make specialized batsmen who can slog or steady an innings, deadly pacers or spinners, lightning-fast fielders, and all-rounders who can do a lot of things.
• Change the look of your Squad with new jerseys and accessories.
• Use pre-set names for real cricket teams to give the game an area flavor.
• Take care of your players’ Focus and Stamina levels.

Exhilarating batting, bowling and fielding game!
• Controls that are easy to use and move smoothly.
• Hit the ball in any direction around the pitch with brand-new batting shots and fun new physics.
• The brand-new mechanics for Run, Sprint, and Dive keep your energy pumping.
• Add skill with special throws that can wreck the team that is batting.
• For the first time, Fielder is in charge! You can make amazing dive stops, catches, straight hits, and throws. It’s all up to you!
• You can change the way you play by choosing from different camera and control choices.
• Take care of your players’ Focus and Stamina levels.

Try to win and move up the ranks!
• The League of Champs will put your skills to the test and put you in competition with other players.
• Move up and win on a brand-new, very competitive leaderboard to get more prizes.
• Seasonal challenges and regular contests push you to reach higher levels of success and make your gaming sessions incredibly fun.
• All-new development through 50 epic Badges of Merit that show off your skills, from “Vulnerable” to “Godly.”
• You can get Platinum by taking on new Daily Missions that are hard and push you to your limits.
• Get cool drops and loot from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Kits!
• Play against other players in tough multiplayer modes for the final test of your skills.

For a complete smartphone cricket experience, you can jump right into the action. Let’s make a new cricket game that is exciting, hard, and rewarding in the best way possible.


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