Westland Survival v5.0.1 MOD APK (Menu, Free Purchase, VIP, God Mode)

Take on the Wild West Adventure Survival and learn what it takes to be a true bounty hunter! In the online Western RPG, you can create your own character, train a horse, and stay alive.


Construct a Wild West Ranch.
In order to live in the Wild West, construct a shelter. Build a perfect fortress by gathering resources, making workbenches, and obtaining uncommon materials.

Create combat-ready armor and weapons
Build the strongest weaponry and armor by gathering rare blueprints. Your ability to fire will be helpful to you in the fight against bandits.

Hunting for Wild Animals
To endure the cold and hunger, hunt wild animals in the open world for their valuable furs, or tame them to battle alongside you.

Discover & Survive in Distinctive Environments
Each place has its own supplies, but you’ll also encounter dangerous foes there. To create spiritual goods and eliminate all adversaries at the Bandits Outpost, visit Native American tribes.

Create a Stable and a Horse
If a rancher doesn’t have a horse or a ranch, he is nothing. Create a stable, and your devoted companion will assist you in moving more quickly and carrying more things on your western adventures. You can create the ideal refuge using the ranch simulator.

Rivalry in Ladders: Take on Other Players
In order to receive valuable rewards from the city sheriff and take part in the PVP ladder, complete daily missions for bounty hunts. Get your pals to come participate!

Make an alliance and enter PVP game.
Build your own village and form an alliance. Become the Wild West’s most powerful Alliance. Gold mining and PVP mode battles for wealth with other players.

Bring up your companion. You can tame any beast.
Not just for hunting, animals. All animals can be your friends. In the open spaces of the Wild West, domesticated creatures. Find a pet from Alliances to battle bandits and millions of players globally.

Limited Occasions
Don’t pass up the Oregon Trail’s time-sensitive activities. Defend against a train attack and protect survivors from robbers. Traveling merchants will sell their wares to a survivor.

Launch the Westland Survival Game in a New World!

Tired of playing “last days of Earth”-themed survival games where you have to shoot deceased zombies? Learn about the action game experience of the western video game emulator online.

Outlaws and even sheriffs are willing to murder men in open daylight for good retribution in the red valleys of the Great Oregon Trails of the Wild West. You have the entire uncharted planet in front of you, cowboy. The prairies of Texas or New Mexico have served as a haven for frontier settlers, bounty seekers, and even ghosts.

Imagine yourself riding through the desert, which is like a red, lifeless island amidst the vibrant plains. You were left behind as the only survivor after your wagon caravan was ambushed by bandits. You were furious and determined to put those gunslingers to death. Or simply blast them dead while still mounted!

However, there are some preparations to make first, including building a shelter for the night, gathering wood for a bow and arrows, and possibly even mining ore for dealing with the natives. They might be able to instruct you on deer hunting.

Continue to play as the shooter in PVE/PVP mode; there are no guidelines for fighting for life, and there is no end to your adventures.

It’s challenging to navigate an open world multiplayer RPG. You must create a shelter, devise a military plan, make weapons, fire earth-walking souls, slay monsters, and loot other players in order to live.

A free to play online smartphone RPG game with multiplayer options is called Westland Survival. The craft survival and adventure game is played by more than 10 million people worldwide! Invite your pals to join you on a real-world exploration and survival game adventure in the Wild West!


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