Whispers v1. MOD APK (Premium Choices, Unlocked All Chapters)

You can make that happen in Whispers, the most exciting interactive romance story game, where you can choose your own fate!
With each interactive story, you can feel the thrill of making your own decisions. Whispers has something for everyone, whether you want a love story with vampires or werewolves or want to be the main character in an alpha male romance.
In each show, YOU get to choose and decide what to do. Decide on important things like starting a relationship, meeting guys and girls, falling in love, finding out your friends’ deepest secrets, or kissing your true love! During each show, you can make as many interactive choices as you want. Every choice you make can change your chapters and set you on a new path of love or excitement.
You can choose your own clothes and hairstyle. You can choose your gender, put on a fashion dress, and meet your dream lover.Choose your type of man, whether he’s a mafia boss, a billionaire, a vampire, or a monster, and start your new love journey!
👄 Control your fate! Read Love’s parts and make decisions that can change the whole story: You might decide to kiss him, have a romance with him, break up with him, or even kill him… Your choices determine how your chapters go!
The library is always getting bigger, with new chapters and books coming out every week. There are all kinds of serialized stories and versions of romance books.
In each part of our animated books, you’ll meet your handsome lover. Immerse in beautiful scenes and decide what happens next.Whispers is a collection of fiction stories written by well-known relationship writers, such as those from Wattpad and Webnovel.

❖B FOR BABY · Pregnancy 🤰
In this exciting pregnancy story, you’ll go on a love journey full of choices that will warm your heart. With every choice you make, you’ll change your future and the way your wedding and pregnancy turn out. Will you say yes to a lifetime of love and adventures with your partner, or will you choose a different path? In this unforgettable story about love, marriage, and kids, the choice is yours! Every day, there are new stories!
The Nocturnal Billionaire is by the same author as Billionaire.In this exciting wealthy romance episode, you’ll be swept away by a story of power and love. Your relationship with a charming alpha male who is both a handsome billionaire and a fierce werewolf will depend on every decision you make. Will you give in to his strong personality and become his loyal girlfriend, or will you stand up for yourself and say no?
Dangerously Sweet: A Mafia Romance br> br>In this interactive mob romance, you can feel the thrill of a forbidden love. You control the main character, who is in a risky relationship with a mysterious crime boss. Your choices will decide what will happen and how happy your couple will be.

With our collection of interactive stories, you can learn about all the different ways that love and relationships can go. Make your dream love island, read some hot stories, or play some of our adult games to spice things up. With new stories being added every day, there’s always a new journey to go on.

Download Whispers today and find out what it’s like to be the author of your own love story. Whispers: Interactive stories will change the way you read. With a huge number of shows to choose from, you can jump into drama, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, or romance with a fun new twist.
The more you play, the more of each exciting episode you’ll find out. Trust us, the decisions you make will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, come on in and start your trip!


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