Whispers v1. MOD APK (Premium Choices, Unlocked All Chapters)

You can turn that into a fact and determine your own fate in Whispers, the most thrilling interactive romance story game!
Experience the thrill of being in charge of your own fate with each interactive episode. Whispers has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an alpha male romance or a love tale involving vampires or werewolves.
In every installment, YOU get to decide what to do. Make crucial life decisions, like getting into a relationship, dating people, falling in love, learning your friends’ darkest secrets, or kissing your true love! With countless interactive options, you can decide at any time during each show! Every choice you make has the potential to change your chapters and direct you toward a new love interest.
a narrative game where your decisions count!
Make your tresses and clothing unique! You get to pick your gender, put on a fashion gown, and meet your ideal partner!
Choose the type of guy you want as your partner, whether he’s a mafia boss, a billionaire, a vampire, or a werewolf, and begin your new romantic adventure!
Manage your destiny! Read love chapters and make decisions that will impact the entire narrative. You might decide to kiss him, have an affair, abandon him, or even kill him. Chapters are shaped by your decisions!
Weekly book releases and chapters, along with a variety of episodic tales and series of romance book adaptations, contribute to the library’s ongoing expansion.
In every installment of our animated books, meet your handsome lover! Enjoy beautiful scenes while deciding what occurs next.
Popular romance authors, including those from the renowned Wattpad and Webnovel communities, contribute fiction tales to Whispers.

Pregnancy: “B FOR BABY”
In this exciting pregnancy tale, set out on a romantic journey full of touching decisions! Every choice you make will influence your future and affect how your baby and marriage turn out. Will you choose to follow a different route or accept your soulmate’s offer of a lifetime of love and adventure? In this unforgettable episode about love, matrimony, and children, the decision is yours! Every day, new chapters are introduced!

A billionaire known as “The Nocturnal Billionaire”
In this episode of the electrifying billionaire romance, let yourself be carried away by a tantalizing story of desire and power. Your connection with a charismatic alpha male who is equal parts handsome millionaire and ferocious werewolf will depend on the decisions you make. Will you give in to his domineering presence and become his loyal partner, or will you rebuff him and show him that you are independent?

A Mafia Romance called “Mafia: Dangerously Sweet”
In this interactive mafia romance, encounter a passionate prohibited love. Play the role of the main character as they negotiate a perilous connection with an enigmatic mafia boss. The result and satisfaction of your relationship depend on your decisions.

With our selection of interactive tales, investigate the countless possibilities of love and relationships. Create the island of your dreams for love, add some heat with steamy tales, or amp up the action with our sexual games. There is always a new journey to go on because new chapters are added every day.

Download Whispers right away to enjoy the fun of creating your own love tale! Whispers: Change up your reading routine with interactive tales! You can immerse yourself in drama, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, and romance with a huge selection of shows, and there’s a fun new twist: you get to choose what happens!
As you participate more, you’ll learn more about each thrilling episode. You’ll be on the verge of your seat as a result of your decisions, we promise! So enter now and embark on the journey!


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