Wink Mod APK 4.41.0 (All unlocked)

Wink is a great way to meet new people from all over the world. It’s as easy as choosing right and talking to your possible new best friend.

Swipe right and left to see a lot of new faces from around the world or from your own country. Look at each person’s page to decide if you want to be friends with them. Like you, that girl loves sports. Right-click! Instant friends. This guy likes songs that you can’t stand, right? Left-click! No problem. You can meet so many people on Wink who you have things in common with. Swipe to find your new best friends!

Sending a message right here on the app is the fastest and best way to talk to your new friends. You can share messages, photos, ice breakers, GIFs, and audio messages through Wink. You could even try an audio or video call if your profile is confirmed.

Use your Wink page to show who you are and make a good first impression. You can use the Wink Shop to add up to 6 photos of yourself, a bio that tells more about who you are, your unique hobbies, a voice introduction, and to change the colors of your profile. Using your interests is a great way to meet people who share your talents and hobbies. Not sure what to put on your page or what not to? Our picture rules can be found at!EARN GEMS
On Wink, you have the chance to win gems every day! You can use gems to send a friend request to a new person or to click the back arrow when you might have missed someone. You can also buy a new background for your biography with gems. There are lots of ways to get more gems, like checking in every day or telling your friends about Wink. Keep earning gems to keep making new friends!

Wink is meant to be used to add and chat with new people from all over the world. Our team at Wink is very dedicated to making this the best and safest app for making you feel more linked. Even though this kind of communication with new friends doesn’t always happen on our platform, we encourage our users to be careful about sharing their position, full name, and any other personal information with new friends. Also, Wink is not supposed to be used to buy and sell adult material. Accounts that sell or ask for inappropriate content will be shut down because they are breaking our community rules. Please tell us about any mistakes you see! Go to to learn more about safety. Visit to learn more about our Community Rules. Let’s work together to make sure that everyone on Wink stays safe!

Go be the friendly face someone needs to see and start making new friends on Wink!

Questions or concerns? You can send us an email at

PS: Wink is only for friends.

You can get and use Wink for free. Users can also choose to join to Wink+ or buy different packs of gems or boosts. Try Wink+ today and you can swipe as much as you want, get a free boost, and more great perks!

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