Wrestling Empire v1.5.5 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked, Pro Membership free)

The lightweight king of mobile wrestling is back with better graphics and a smoother frame rate. The retro style that puts fun first and doesn’t require loading times is still there. Try to keep up with the action as new features and effects make wrestling easier to learn and more fun to master.

In the sport’s most epic shared world, you can make your own star and start a career where you can face up to 350 opponents from 10 different teams. Do the right things backstage and in the ring to fight for your worth and have a job worth remembering when you retire. You can even “take it outside” with a roaming mode that pushes you to be in charge of what happens behind the scenes in real time!

When you’re ready to get serious, you can upgrade to a “Pro” membership to stop depending on sponsors and make the world your own by saving the changes you make to each character. Then, you can use the easiest way to set up a match in wrestling to make dream matches right in front of your eyes, with as many characters and sets as you can handle.

The original game now has a free “booking” mode that tasks you to run your own promotion with a twist based on territory. Put together the best team you can with what you have, and then try to break attendance records everywhere you go. Present the right matches in the right way at the right time to get the most out of the numbers while trying to keep a locker room full of egos from falling apart. Everyone thinks they know better until it’s time to do better…

*This game shows a fictional world and lets the player make their own. Any similarities to real people, from the past or the present, are just a coincidence.

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