Zombie Shooter MOD APK v3.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Free Skills)

A new version of the storied game that won the hearts of many PC fans is now available for Android!

The whole planet is in peril.
Make your way to the evacuation center, join the epic struggle for life, and learn why the invaders came!

In the game Zombie Shooter, you can find:

– The intense gameplay from the Alien Shooter video game franchise.
– A rich game narrative.
– A world map with numerous extra jobs.
– A vast arsenal of weaponry, ranging from plasma weapons to traditional assault rifles.
– A lot of enhancers, including nanobots, implants, armor, and first aid supplies.

Prepare to exterminate all zombies and prevent the extinction of mankind!

Now available for Android is the venerable top-down, isometric undead shooter!

– Use a vast array of weaponry, including plasma guns and assault rifles, to defeat the undead!
– Numerous power-ups and accessories, such as explosives, nanobots, armor, implants, and more
It’s an undead apocalypse! 100 ghouls or more may be visible at once!
Spend the money you earn from destroying undead to improve your character and equipment.- Get caught up in the narrative and learn the infection’s riddle.- A massive world map with a ton of missions and duties- Three fun game options, including Campaign, Survival, and Gun Stand.- Gain EXP to improve your abilities and character.- Reactive music responds to the environment to increase the volume.- Engage in undead combat. Take on the deceased. Stop the spread of zombies.THE ULTIMATE ZOMBIE DESTROYER: BECOME! IMPROVEMENT YOUR WEAPONS

Clearing the undead is the only method you know how to make money. Spend your hard-earned money on new murderous weaponry. You will be able to buy and upgrade a range of guns, ranging from plasma weapons to assault rifles and everything in between. There is also a ton of additional equipment available, such as grenades, nanobots, armor, implants, and more, to aid you in your quest.

THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR HELP! ZOMBIES HAVE INFECTED THE POST-APOCALYPTIC POPULATION, andYou can appreciate the outbreak’s guns and mayhem while also getting lost in the game’s rich, narrative-driven gameplay. Learn what caused the zombie outbreak, how it spread, and most significantly, who is to blame. You might learn things as you look for solutions that make you wish you had never begun!

Become the zombie slayer that the universe requires. Help prevent the destruction of the planet.
Gather your tools, kill zombies, and put an end to the zombie apocalypse.Get it now!

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