Zombies vs. Farmer 2 APK v2.4.0 MOD (Unlimited Money, Energy)

It’s time to gather again! The nasty zombies are back to cause trouble. Don’t be afraid! Lock your gates and let’s start building and improving quickly! Build very powerful plant shooters, make lightning grass store more energy, and don’t forget to update your pasture as well. This will help you get a lot of sunlight. Watch as the zombie waves break up, and the odds of winning will slowly start to change in your favour…

Learn about the world
In the new version of “Zombie vs Farmer 2,” you can test your skills on more than a dozen new scene maps. From green grassy fields to dangerous lava-filled slopes at the base of a volcano and then to a world of snow-covered ice. You’ll also be able to walk on the moon and fight hundreds of rounds of cosmic zombies.

Get access to Super Talents
From now on, there will be a lot of natural skills out there for you to find. [Sunlight Start] At the beginning of each game, get a lot of sunlight materials. [Angry Strike] Ten times as much damage can be done with the plant gun. [Rapid Load] The shooter’s attack speed gets faster the more it shoots. It is said that there are even famous skills that are hidden.

Watch out for strange zombies
In this game, there are a lot more monsters that are dangerous than in the last one. Watch out for the scarecrow zombie troops, scary lava creatures, the snow mountain beast with its stick, and the zombies from the other side of the moon, who are ready to test your skills with a level of challenge that has never been seen before!

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