Age of Origins Mod APK 1.3.53 (Unlimited everything)

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In this zombie strategy MMO, you can kill zombies, make allies, and bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.

The zombie apocalypse made people live like they did in the Middle Ages. You are now the light in the dark. SURVIVE by building huge armies of explosives, machines, and tough human fighters. REVIVE society by killing the zombie hordes, rebuilding your city, saving refugees, and making the whole world rich again. THRIVE by making alliances with other leaders from around the world, beating your rivals, and taking the Capital so YOU can lead the new age of humanity!

Because in Age of Origins, zombies may be dangerous, but the real danger comes from people who lie and cheat.

1. Recruit, make new things, and kill! Build huge troops of human “grunts” with killer machine guns and high-tech laser cannons.
2. The good guys win! You can hire different kinds of people to lead your army, like a sexy international spy, a crazy scientist, an honest sheriff, and more.
3. Fight death in all its forms! Mutant Zombies, Zombie Bears, Death Mothers, and other nasty dead things are waiting for you to fight them.
4. ACTUAL GEOGRAPHY! You have to move and grow carefully up, down, and around a REAL 3D map of lakes and mountains. Choosing the right path can mean the difference between life and death.

1. Get rid of the hordes of zombies! Regain control of your city one block at a time by rebuilding hospitals, homes, farms, and tech and weapon hubs.
2. Look for loot and save Refugees to raise your city’s Prosperity and keep it growing.
3. See the World Map change right in front of your eyes! You’ll unlock new Prosperity Phases that will make the world more advanced and give you bigger bonuses and new ways to play.

1 Speed up, smash, and WIN! Your group will rule the map in real-time battles where hundreds of players march and converge as one.
2 You can make HUGE alliances with real-world people from all over the world by using diplomacy or sneaking around. The fear of zombies is only the beginning.
3 Start big fights between clans over land, resources, and technology. Only ONE alliance can take the city and choose the President.

Commander, do you have what it takes? Now is the start of the war for LIFE!

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