Attack Hole Mod APK 1.0.20 (Unlimited money)

Can you move the black hole so that it swallows the arms like an attacking hoard master?

In Attack Hole io game, your mission is simple. In one of your favorite black hole games, the clock is going, tik tok, tik tok. Will you be able to swallow all of the arms in the hall down the hole before time runs out?

Choose your best black hole skin and go to the hall full of weapons and bullet stacks like a hoard master and try to eat them up like in those eating games. If you eat the whole io weapon, you will have more power to fight and kill the giant enemy that will be the black hole hero attacker in this arcade hole io game.

For the bigger weapon, you’ll need a bigger charging black hole that can swallow even the biggest guns, bombs, and stacks of bullets.
Just eat all the arms and go down the hole. That’s all there is to it.

All of the weapons and bullets were cut and eaten by the black hole, which took them all down the hole.

At the end of the chaotic arcade hole io game, you will have to fight and kill a giant monster with all the weapons you have collected.
Be the hero of the black hole by eating and swallowing all of the IO weapons in the room.
Can you beat them in one of your favorite black hole games with all the arm you swallowed down the hole?

Be the black hole hero attacker in the chaotic giant hall of bullets and eat them all down the arcade hole io.

Start playing Attack Hole!

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