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Top 10 FREE HD music video makers and picture slideshow makers on Google Play in 40+ countries around the world. is where you can find the best trendy templates, famous music, beautiful transitions, and video effects.

There are now AI art themes on
Using the newest AI templates, you can turn your photos into different kinds of digital ACG art with just one click. You can also make music movies out of the before-and-after pictures.
– AI art templates that are already set up make it easy to make AI art without having to worry about writing questions.
– Turn your portrait shots into digital art in cute, devil’s, innocent, Christmas, and other styles.
– Check out what AI thinks your pet looks like: a little girl, an angel, a cute devil, etc.
– Use a picture of a couple to make love anime art. is a customised music video editor made for influencers and vloggers, a top mini movie maker and HD pro music video maker, a photo slideshow maker with music that makes it easy to add music to videos and edit videos with music and pictures for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,, etc. has a lot of templates with great effects and transitions that are changed all the time.
• Every transition matches the rhythm of the music and makes your movie stand out.
• Users can choose from dozens of high-quality songs that are free of charge.
• Share your creative movies on Facebook, Instagram, and other SNS at any time and from anywhere.

Make a music video and add effects has a very high-quality editing process, a lot of MV themes with great effects and transitions, and a lot of other great features. The unique change follows the exact rhythm of the song.
* Make videos with any combination of Photos clips you want. A free app that makes movies and doesn’t crop them.

Merge Photo to Video: * Combine several photos into one music video without losing quality. * Make song videos for YouTube, Instagram,, and other sites for free.

Put music on a video
* is a way to turn photos into videos with different kinds of music in the background.
* When making a photo movie, find music that fits your needs.
* Add music to a movie, mix music with photos, and use music and photos to edit videos.
*An app for making videos with music. * Put music on the movie. Free app to make music videos with effects and edit video clips

Photo Slideshow Maker: * Combine photos to make a slideshow with music using the Photo Slideshow Maker. * Mix photos and videos and add a unique photo cover to a video using the Photo Slideshow Maker.
* A new trend video editing app lets you make a free music video with effects.

Save Video to Album
* lets you download videos in 720P HD without losing quality. *You can always save or export videos to your phone.
* With this free and easy-to-use clip maker, you can combine pictures and music to make a music movie.
* With music and cuts, you can turn your photos and video clips into a cool trend movie. This app is a free video editor with cool effects, a music video maker, and a clip editor.

It’s easy to share videos.
Customizable video export quality, HD pro video editor (720P), and professional movie maker. Free video editor with great effects and transitions, trendy music video maker, and clip editing app. Share music videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social apps.

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Instagram: TikTok: is a powerful tool for making HD music videos and editing videos, as well as making picture slideshows with music. As a free music video maker, it’s great for making cool trend videos with music and transitions from your pictures and video clips.

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