Carrom King MOD APK v4.6.0.112 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

Carrom KingTM is a time-honored board game that can be enjoyed with family, friends, and even younger players. Pucks of weed stashed away in the pouches. The best carrom game with mind-blowing features such as Power Ups, Striker power and aim options, uniquely designed colorful pucks, and many more fascinating collectibles than you could ever hope to find.

Play the cross-platform, easy-to-play, multiplayer board game Carrom or Karrom, which is an Indian variant of pool or billiards. The goal of the game is to collect all of the coins before your opponent does. Freestyle and Black & White are two of the challenging game play options that are available in Carrom KingTM.

Carrom KingTM was developed by the same people who brought you Ludo KingTM, the most popular game of all time. The game that reigns supreme in the affections of tabletop gamers on mobile devices all over the world!
Carrom KingTM, just like Ludo KingTM, places a high emphasis on the game’s originality. It also features user-friendly controls, amazing realistic 3D graphics, and great physics, giving you the same sensation and excitement that you get when you play carrom with your family and friends.What’s brand spanking new?

★ Brand new strikers for effective striking!
Unlock and accumulate strikers with a variety of striking and aiming abilities, including Hurricane, Blue Star, Mandala, Chakri, Lotus, Cyclone, and Thunder, amongst many others.
Pucks with dazzlingly multicolored designs, such as Pandas, Shields, Smiles, Sunshine, Hearts, Alloys, and Lanterns, amongst many other options.
Either unlock a chest case or purchase one to receive more than 80 collectibles.
Add Extra Abilities:
– God Finger – Increases the striker’s hitting strength by a significant amount!br>br>- Powder: Increases ball speed by reducing friction on the board!- Assistance: When activated, this feature assists you in taking superior shots.
Brand-new, eye-catching framesbr>br>br>Exciting Characteristicsbr> Game Modes Supporting Multiple Players>br> Face off against other players from around the globe in the Online Freestyle and Black & White Modes.
Join the millions of other players from around the globe! br>Sending emojis and messages to other participants allows you to communicate with them. br> Issue an additional challenge to your opponent for a contest. br> Functionality for continuing a game at a later timebr> Make your journey to the top by passing through a number of different lobbies. br> Keep an eye on the information of your> br>Have Fun With Your Buddiesbr>You can connect with your friends from Facebook and challenge them to a game online, or you can share a room code with your friends and welcome them to play in a private>br>Single Player Offline Mode
Play against the computer and put the AI to the test. br>Play the Trick Shots mode, which features a time limit and a number of different levels that put your shooting abilities to the test.The trick shots option allows you to hone your carrom skills by putting you through a series of challenging levels that put your abilities and reflexes to the test.
Use the pass and play option to have fun with your loved ones and other> br>Obtainables To Collect And Rewardsbr>”Begin your journey to become Carrom King with our exclusive Frames & Pucks and show off your sense of style.” br>It is necessary to cover Queen in order to open the brand new chest and receive benefits. An unforgettable memento for all those who enjoy playing Carrom!br>br>Let’s Get Started Right Away!br>It’s time to get down to business! You can get your hands on the new offerings as soon as you download the most recent edition now.

PLEASE NOTE! Downloading and playing Carrom KingTM on your device is completely free, and in-app transactions are available.

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