Dungeon Squad APK 0.98.1

This is the new game from “GameCoaster,” the same company that made Dungeon Maker and Dungeon Defence.

Heroes came into the cave in what seemed like an endless stream and destroyed the Abyss.
Now you have to go right to the enemy’s source and fix your house so it looks like it did before.
Beat the Army of Light to get the power of the Abyss back.

You have to go alone into a world where light is the most important thing.
You have to kill the heroes and use their gear to bring monsters to help you fight. The gear of the heroes who died will be given to these monsters.

Once you are strong enough, you can get the benefits of the Dark Gods and combine their powers with those of your monsters to beat huge groups of enemies.

* Getting permissions
Both rights are needed for the device to store play data: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.

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