Fade Master 3D Mod APK 1.0.96 (Unlimited money)

Welcome to Fade Master 3D, where you have to make the best haircuts.
You will have a great time at the barbershop when you play this game about cutting hair.

Different hair styles will be asked for by different buyers.
All of these people are real-life simulations, and they will all ask you to make them look their best.
Meet up with a poor person and help them clean up, or give a groom-to-be the best haircut you can.
Find the models in the book and cut their hair, mustache, and beard. There are more than 20 styles of hair, like mid fade, box fade, military high fade, curly fade, high fade, etc.

You will learn and use different methods and tools, such as:
– Use a trimmer to cut the hair of a homeless person. – Use bright scissors to cut the hair of armed people.
– Use a trimmer to cut the hair of the rapper.
Comb a jobless guy’s hair before his interview. Burn a guy with a fear of heights’ hair with a torch. Be careful!
– Give a secret agent hair implants for his task. – Use a spray to color the baller’s hair.
Curl the hair of an 80s dance guy and keep with the vibe!
Waxing and feathering their eyebrows make them look great!

Find out how good you are at being a barber and enjoy a realistic game. Make the changes while giving people of different kinds the hairstyles they want. Trust your skills to be the best barber in town and get the best haircuts. All of these can be played for free.

The game has real-life physics and beautiful hair models.
– many different kinds of hair- make tools
– Different fade styles
– Realistic sounds and a smooth camera experience
– Screen to change characters

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