Grow Castle Mod APK 1.37.16 (Unlimited money, max level)

It’s a defense game where you have to keep the enemies from getting to the castle.If growth can be put in the castle tower and the hero can be put on each floor, that would be great.
Archer of the town is getting a lot stronger as it gets better.

The skills of more than 120 heroes can be used.
Some heroes are made to give the town’s strong shooters, and another hero is cursed to be an enemy.
This plan is important because you can only mount a hero up to nine times.

You can make more gold if you build colonies and hire people.

Clear a higher level, wave, and look at where you stand in the results.
Join or start an online club. You can talk to and play games with people from all over the>br>br>br>br>br>br>
Online club system
Ranks in real time
How a hero gets promoted
No reason why it’s so addicting
Make a home for yourself.

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