House Designer MOD APK v1.1405 (Unlimited Money) for android

House Designer: Fix and Flip is an enjoyable simulation game of house remodeling in which you can bring all of your interior decorating dreams into reality. You can play this game right now. Give yourself the challenge of playing the part of a house flipper.

Interior decorator
Do you like furniture design?
You can purchase a house in House Designer, then use it as a canvas on which to practice interior design techniques and showcase your creative side. There is a substantial assortment of home furnishings, including beds, chairs, tables, furniture for the bathroom and kitchen, paintings, and other ornamental items.
Improve your existing outstanding abilities as an interior decorator by learning new skills and honing those you already have.

You have the option, within House Designer, to play the role of a Garden designer.
It is possible to achieve harmony and beauty in your backyard in conjunction with the convenience of having furniture and other decorative items positioned in your garden.
Use a rake and a grass cutter to maintain the health of your vegetation.
Your garden should contain both flower gardens and garden beds containing unusual plant species.
Set up some comfortable chairs under a veranda if you have one, or tile the area around the pool and put sun loungers out there. It is entirely dependent upon you. Your creative vision should guide every aspect of the garden’s layout.
Your garden can be made more inviting, beautiful, and, most significantly, original and distinctive through the use of backyard design.

Buy, Improve, and Sell
Purchase homes that have been damaged and then invest in their restoration and improvement. Repurpose them for another use, such as living in them or selling them for a profit. Turning houses over can net you a tidy profit.

Renovate work
Carry out responsibilities relating to the cleaning and decorating of houses and other fascinating locations.

Download House Designer: Fix and flip to compete with other people across the country to become the best house flipper and designer.

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