mAst App Mod APK 2.0.2 (Without watermark)

Introduce mAst, the best app for editing music videos and making snack videos with songs. With its many free lyrical video templates and free musical video beat effects, mAst makes it easy to edit clips and pictures.

mAst is a free photo and video editor with music that lets you make and share cool movies. The mAst app can be used in all Indian languages. Major languages include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and so on.
You can use this app to quickly make cool mv for free and make things like Lyrical Video Status, Festival Video Status, Anniversary Photo Status, Happy Birthday Video Status, Magical Video Status, Master Video Status, etc. to share with your friends.

FREE Status Video Maker with TemplatesThere are a lot of themes to choose from: songs, beat, attitude, sunset, family, love, friendship, sad, nature, birthday, magic, holiday, anime face, etc.Magic mbit particle picture video templates and Name Video Templates make it easy to make Lyrical Video Status and Magic Snack Video Status. mAst is the best tool for making music videos with songs.You can also write and make videos about your birthday that are great.
Lyrical Video Status Maker App: Use mAst to make a music video status. Choose free featured background music and beats from our big music library. The best maker for music videos with beats and songs.Make a lyrical video status with pictures and the latest popular songs. The best app for making lyrical status videos with a song.The mAst picture and video editing app lets you change songs and crop music in templates so you can use the one you like best. With mAst, anyone can learn to make mvs like a pro.Pop, electronic dance music, rock, hip-hop, punk, etc. are all types of music. Video Status Maker with dynamic Beat Effect, try out different particle video effects. Make a music video status update with a music wave beat and edit it for free with Beat.mAst will automatically add tempos, beats, and stickers that fit the words and make your mv cooler than ever. This Video Status Maker can help you become an expert at making music photo videos. Use mAst video maker to make a love status!
Magic Status Video Effect Maker As a cool picture video status maker, mAst has templates with magical video effects like “change your face to an animal,” “blur,” “cutout,” “love,” “mirror,” “birthday,” “magician,” and so on.Each effect has its own animation style, which is sure to surprise your friends and fans. Magic Effects Video Editor and Video Maker APP.
mAst Video Editing App also has editing features. You can change the music or add your favourite music, song, or beat effect to make stunning photo movies with music. mAst is the best app for editing videos and making photo videos with music.
Ast Templates will be changed every week, so come check out our most popular Lyrical Video Status Templates.
Don’t forget to share your magic mAst status movies on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Now is your chance to join mAst – Lyrical video status maker & video status maker photo with songs and become a master of making big mv!

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