Merge Mansion MOD APK v23.02.01 (Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Energy)

Maddie accuses me of hiding things. What does Maddie know, I ask you? Our enigmatic tale is centered on my family’s abandoned house, which has been vacant for more than 40 years. As you work together to renovate and restore the grounds, you’ll assist Maddie in learning what occurred and everything there is to know about her, as well as the Boulton family’s past.

I’ll tell you right now, it’s quite a journey!
Play Merge Mansion right away by sitting down, grabbing a coffee, and perhaps a delicious piece of pie as well.
Do I have anything to hide? You are free to make that choice.

The mansion and gardens have become run-down after years of neglect, but Maddie is resolved to prevent further damage and revive her family’s legacy. This kid never sleeps…

You can renovate the home, tidy up the gardens, plant flowers, make amazing discoveries, and learn hidden secrets on the Boulton family estate’s grounds by matching and merging the pieces of this soothing puzzle.

With each location she restores, Maddie learns more about her ancestry, but it seems like there’s always a new mystery to explore! Why did I hide the location of the manor? What became of the family’s land and wealth? Who is the enigmatic figure behind the statue? Can Maddie bring the fields into compliance without losing everything? And do I still have any other insights to share? Obviously not. I have nothing to conceal.

– RENOVATE and restore Maddie’s new house, and enlarge the grounds of the estate with lovely plants and furniture!- As you work to find the corresponding pieces, MERGE various tools, flowers, and other objects!
– FIND OUT the narrative and plot turns in a mystery involving family secrets and long-standing resentments!
– Explore the surroundings of the house to find hidden spaces.
– RELAX and take pleasure in this lighthearted puzzle game about an enigmatic house with warm dialogue!

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