Monopoly v1.8.11 APK MOD (Unlocked all)

MONOPOLY now has live chat between players. Create a free, private account, add your friends, and start a game from a group chat. When the game starts, you will instantly be moved to video chat.

“Monopoly on mobile has cross-platform online multiplayer, which means you can open a lobby and invite your friends to join your games. You can all play together in perfect unity. Beautiful, right?” PocketGamer’s Dave Aubrey

Amazing graphics and movements make this a fully immersive board game experience. There are no ads, so you can play the whole original game and have all the fun of the Monopoly board game. Invite your friends and family over to play one of the top paid games on the Play Store.


House rules
Put down the official Hasbro rules and play with your own house rules instead.

Mode rapide
Roll the dice, take a chance, and get paid. This is the fastest way to finish a board game.

One person only
Play against our difficult AI; you don’t need family and friends.

Offline play-by-play
Pass a single device between up to four people to play without WiFi.

Online game
When you connect with fans around the world or bring friends and family to a private game, distance doesn’t stop the game.

Full game with no ads
You can play the whole famous game without having to pay to win or having ads pop up. Roll the dice and bet everything you have to be the richest landlord on the board.

All of them together
Be the best owner on new boards with themes that can only be found in the mobile game. When there are 10 boards, no two games are alike. In the L.A. Monstropolis world, you have to risk everything. Be spooked in Transylvania. See the future in New York 2121 or go back in time to Victorian London, Historic Tokyo, Belle Époque Paris, or Atlantic City in the 1930s! With each theme, you can get new player pieces, characteristics, and chance cards.

Choose how you want to play.
You can play this popular Hasbro board game in different ways, both online and off. In single player mode, you can test your skills as an owner against our tough AI opponents and become a real estate mogul. Online gaming lets you compete with friends and family no matter where you are. When a group of people pass and play on the same device, they can play without WiFi. As you buy up the board, you can choose what to do.

Select your rules
Even if you’re one of the many people who have never read the Monopoly rules, you can still play the game however you want. You can play without bids, add money to Free Parking, or pay $400 to land on GO! You can play by the rules in the classic Hasbro rule book, get a fixed list of the most famous house rules, or make your own rules.

Pick your piece.
You can choose from pieces like the scottie, the cat, the T-rex, the rubber duck, the car, the top hat, and the battleship.

Step up to the board
Feel the thrill of putting your family and friends out of business and becoming the richest owner on the board. It’s the same as you remember, but there are fun graphics and an AI banker who helps everyone.

Start a property business.
To become a property tycoon, you must roll the dice, take financial risks, bid on properties at auctions, move around the board, BUY real estate, COLLECT rent, and BUILD hotels.

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