My Perfect Hotel Mod APK 1.0.21 (Unlimited money)


Have you ever wanted to run your own hotel? Start from scratch in this fun and fast-paced time-management game. The goal is to build an empire of places to stay and show how much you care about hospitality. In this fun and addicting casual simulator, you can become a hospitality tycoon by showing off your skills as a hotel manager, making smart investments in staff and property changes, and working hard.


Start the game as a simple bellhop who cleans rooms, greets guests at the front desk, collects money and tips, and makes sure there is always toilet paper in the bathroom. As your bank account grows, you can upgrade rooms and services and hire more people to help your hotel keep up with the growing demand. Even if your guests are sleeping well, a driven hotel tycoon has no time to rest.

Build an empire. There are many hotels to explore and grow, and each one has dozens of unique changes to make before it’s perfect and gets five stars. Open hotels on the coast, in the beautiful mountains, and in the middle of a quiet forest. Show that you’re a good boss in each place, and you’ll be moved up to a new, bigger property and on your way to becoming a real hotel mogul. Each hotel also has its own look and feel.

Keep going: If you want to do well in this high-risk business, you can’t just take your time walking around your land. Upgrade your and your workers’ movement speed so you can work faster and get your guests what they need as soon as possible. This will also help you make more money.

The answer is in the amenities: Make the most money in this fun simulator and get more money to invest by making sure your hotels have all the services. The first step is to build bathrooms, but if you work hard, you will soon be able to add vending machines, restaurants, parking lots, and swimming pools to your buildings. Guests will pay more for each amenity, which will increase your income. But don’t forget that each facility also needs people to run it, so start hiring now or you’ll soon be overwhelmed by angry guests who have to wait in line for each luxury.

People resources: It also takes work to run each facility: the bathrooms need to have toilet paper, guests need to be let into the parking lot, customers in the restaurant need to be served and their tables need to be cleaned up after they eat, and the pool needs to have clean towels and sun loungers that are in good shape all the time. You won’t have time to do everything yourself, so hire more people. If you don’t, your guests will soon be angry that they have to wait in line.

Grand designs: Upgrade your rooms to improve your guests’ stay, and give them a choice of different room styles in each spot. In this fun game, you are not only the boss, but also the interior designer.

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