Phone Case DIY APK

Phone Case DIY is a game where you can show off your talent by making your own phone case. You can also look at the source art and see how your phone changes as you wish.

We know this is the game you wanted to make yourself.

You can make your phone case stand out in a lot of ways.

What’s in the game:

PAINTING: There are as many colours of spray paint as you can think of.

ACRYLIC ART: Your phone case has bright acrylic and tie-dye patterns!

STICKERS: To look cool, pick out a bunch of cool stickers.

POP IT: Phone case that looks like your best playthings

The STENCIL ART method includes water marbling and colouring with a needle, which are both like jelly dye.

CLEAN IT: Before you draw on or design your phone, get rid of any dirt or dust on it.

WIRELESS HEADPHONES CASE: There aren’t many DIY games for headphones, but here you can have fun making and painting their case.

So why not make a lot of changes to it and make it look really nice?

Let your mind run wild, and give this phone some colour!

Turn it on! Make it pop! Make it glitter! It’s up to you!

We have just the thing for you if you like to make your own games.

Choose your best colours, draw on the phone case, open it up, and spray paint all over it.

You can learn how to draw phone cases, make stickers, spray paint all over them, and have a lot of fun making things with this drawing game.

In the drawing game you choose, there are many different ways to draw. Because it is so easy to play, this will quickly become one of your best DIY games.

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