Rush Royale APK 19.0.57401

Welcome to the Isle of Rhandum, a place with tower defence, clans, magic, and chaos! Collect units, put together a defence deck, and get ready for Rush Royale, a TD game full of action, adventure, and endless fun.

Warriors are getting ready for a TD battle! You have a lot of cute but dangerous units at your disposal, from sharp-eyed Archers and clever Trappers to angry Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers. In a castle defence, merge your units and be careful with your mana. Plan a plan around the strengths of your deck. And don’t forget about Heroes. These powerful heroes have the best skills.

In PvP, beat your opponents! Break through the enemy Tower Defence to move forward and get more prizes. Play defence games against the best players to get great prizes. But be careful, because luck can change quickly in TD games. As you lay siege to the castle and break through the enemy’s defences, stick to a plan and win by being smart and sneaky.

Join the Co-Op mode and go on a TD quest with your friends to discover Rhandum. Set up a castle defence against terrible bosses and the people who work for them. When you fight monsters together, defence games never get old. If you win at TD games, you’ll get special loot. Protect the castle by getting your defences ready.

In the game, there are many groups, ranging from the Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light. Each unit and hero belongs to one of these factions. There are no “weak” or “strong” decks. Collect, join, learn how to play your army well, and level up the units you use most. Some of them can “Ascend,” which gives them special skills in fight.

Events add even more variety to your usual base defence. Try them out to see if you can learn the different rules and beat the enemies in tower defence games.

Joining a clan will give you special perks. Fight as one with your clanmates to win both Co-op and PvP tower defence!

Quests are fun and make your life easy. Each quest you finish gives you something useful!

Fight, win, and get the upper hand! Rush Royale is like no other TD game. Get ready for the Isle of Rhandum!

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