Shadow Brides v1.0.41 MOD APK (Menu, Damage Multiplier)

When the Gates of Hell were opened, the peace of the world was broken. Will you join the Demon, or will you be the Hero and save the world?

Into the Twilight World
Go deeper into the world of darkness, keep getting stronger, and look for the light there.

Learn about the fights
You can make different plans by giving your chosen Partners orders. Put together strong groups and lead them into battle!

Call on vampires, witches, and devils to come out.
Call out different monsters, vampires, and witches! Use them to fight against the forces of evil!

Adventures in the house of the evil Dracula? Vampire origins? What’s that? You’re going to have an exciting night!

Find some hot Goth girls
You can meet hot girls and choose your shadow brides in this Gothic world. What sort of love story will you write?

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