Spinner Merge Mod APK 3.2

Spinner Merge is exactly what it sounds like: a mix of spinner games and merge games that you won’t be able to stop playing. Combine your spinners to make stronger machines, and hit every other top toy if you want to stay on the field. This is the fun twist you needed for fighting games.

This isn’t like most fidget spinners. These bad boys are covered in sharp, spinning blades that cut right through the metal of the other fighting robots. Hit and strike to take away their life points, and make sure yours stay whole if you want to move on to the next level of this blade fight.

How do you plan to fight?
Spinner Merge is like most fighting games in that you need a plan to win. Collect coins to build an army of spinners that will get you to the end of the game. In this fight over fidget spinners, everything counts:
Every whirlabout on the field counts, so make sure your team has more spinners than the other team to have a better chance of winning.
When you combine two blade spinners that go together, you get a better spinning top with a more wild blade system and more damage.Keep merging and improving to find every dangerous whirligig in the game. In this fighting game, the key is to have a more advanced pack than your opponent. You can get a space-themed fidget spinner, one that is bright and fast, or one with an extra-sharp blade system. These killer spinning-tops come in too many different styles.
Be smart about how you use the room on the tournament field. Move your spinning fighting robots around before the fight starts and put them in a way that will knock out the other robots.

Spinner Merge is an easy-to-play battle simulator with a bit of planning. Fights happen quickly and are very exciting. Each round of fight goes by in a flash, so you can win by spinning blades, bouncing, smashing, or rotating whenever you have a minute to spare.

Let the Spinner VS Spinner Battle Begin!
Now you can break out of your daily routine and win the hottest robot fight. You no longer have to look for a 3D spinner game that is fun, exciting, and easy to get hooked on. Now is the time to get Spinner Merge, play Blades, and find out all of the fight spinners you can make by merging. Can you do it?

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