Sutoko APK 2023.5

You can get a world of feelings, romance, suspense, and drama by downloading Sutoko.
Sutoko lets you read and play texting stories that are based on a love story. It does this through interactive game stories and chats.
In these stories, to find the best ending, you’ll have to deal with the twists and turns of a thriller and handle the romance between the hero (you) and your crush.
Warning! Sutoko is a game where you have to make choices. If you don’t make the right ones, you could end up with a dramatic finish like some of the other players. (It can also be very bad)
In each story, there is a love story where the relationship between the characters depends only on you. Will you be able to find better endings than the other players?

You will be able to do the following with Sutoko: Play the official stories that come out every Wednesday and Saturday;
– Earn points and trophies,
– Make decisions in the stories to get your crush’s love and figure out the secret behind the chapters and episodes.

Stories whose adventures have already attracted more than 700,000 people.
Sutoko was written and made by the same person who made the popular “Got Friendzoned” game series. It combines love and fun to give all of its players a great gaming experience. More than 700,000 people who love interactive love stories and text-based thrillers are part of the group. Come and share your story with us!

A store with free and paid stories that will make you feel everything.
Start right away on a love and mystery trip by reading one of the stories that are already out there.

Play the story “Little Sister Aiko,” which is about you and Yumi falling in love while looking for your lost little sister in the middle of Japan. Choose well if you want to find her and keep your friends and crush.

Try the story “The Clown Man” for a more suspenseful mood. You can play as the detective Emma, who, with the help of her best friend (who is also her secret love), will find out who killed her ex-husband. But is the Clown Man even a real person?

But there are also texting stories like “Pure Heart,” “The Friendzoned,” and “Best Friend in South Korea” that have drama, romance, and unexpected turns in every chapter.

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