Sword Art Online VS APK Mod 1.0.32

The new smartphone game Sword Art Online Variant Showdown comes out just in time for the SAO anime’s 10th anniversary.

When Kirito and his friends hear that a new game called Cross Edge is causing its players to lose their memories, they decide to look into it.
But as they play Cross Edge, a strange presence surprises them!

In fierce 3D fights, you can take control of anime characters like Kirito and Asuna.
Do you think you have what it takes to beat bosses like The Gleam Eyes?

Features of Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown:

Use the Sword Skills that are unique to your character and switch between attack and defense on the fly to beat tough bosses.
Use parries to stop special strikes from your enemies! Bring your figures back to life to let them use their full strength on the battlefield.

A brand-new, original plot.
Kirito and his friends get to experience a new story set in the world of Cross Edge, a VR action game made by a middle school genius.
Who is Layla, this new and unique character?

Choose three SAO characters you know and like and play as them in fight.
Each character has their own unique skills and techniques, so be sure to put together groups that take advantage of your opponents’ flaws.

Boost your characters’ abilities
Put Ability Cards on your heroes to make them stronger.
Do more of what you’re good at and less of what you’re bad at! Put cards together in a smart way to make the best party.

Characters that can be changed in a lot of different ways
You can make your characters look the way you want by giving them different items or changing the color of their clothes.
You can also add certain characters to your party to get special behaviors that can only be seen in SAOVS.

So, are you ready to start the newest SAO journey?
Players! Pick up your weapons!

*An update will add the option to use Accessories and change the color of an outfit after the app goes live.

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Note: This game has some things you can buy in-app that can help you play better and move through it faster. You can turn off in-app payments in your device’s settings. For more information, go to https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1626831?hl=en.

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