Vampire The Masquerade Out For Blood Mod APK 1.1.1 (Unlimited money)

Get your friends together to go after the vampires that are terrorizing your town. If you don’t study their ways and take advantage of their fights, you’ll turn into one yourself.

Jim Dattilo’s interactive horror novel “Vampire: The Masquerade — Out for Blood” is based on “Vampire: The Masquerade” and takes place in the World of Darkness shared story world. You decide how the story goes. It’s all text, there are no pictures or sounds, and it’s powered by your huge, unstoppable mind.

You just moved to Jericho Heights, on the edge of Chicago, and you’re getting used to your new home when you find out that vampires live there. You’re trying hard to start a new life, meet new people, and maybe even find love. But if your friends start to leave, you have to do something.

Take on the part of a vampire hunter to protect your town from Chastain, a vampire who has been alive for more than a hundred years. When a group of young vampires with thin blood goes to war with Chastain, will you take a side or hunt them all?

To take back the night, gather your troops and sharpen your stake.

• Play as a male, female, nonbinary, gay, straight, or bisexual person.
• Choose skills and traits from VtM’s history to build your character.
• Look at 17 photos of people.
• Meet a group of interesting people, each with their own skills.
• Fall in love with other human or vampire characters.
• Look for vampires, learn about how they live, or try to be Embraced.

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