Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two APK 1.1.2

Since the bloody fight with Murphy, two months have passed. Wayhaven is back to its quiet routine, and you’re back to your not-very-exciting job as a detective. But things shouldn’t be boring now that you work for The Agency, an organisation that handles supernatural things.

Unit Bravo is the team you are learning to live with more permanently. It comes with the job. And with one of them, feelings that were just starting to be explored continue…

But striped tents, bright lights, and clouds of cotton candy are coming to Wayhaven to hide a very different presence.

Immerse yourself in Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two, a 788,000-word continuation of your supernatural story, where you can build on the romance you started, meet old and new characters, decide how to handle the new situations you’re put in, and feel the thrill of the results of your choices—as well as what they may bring in the future!

• Play as a woman, a man, or a non-binary person. • Play as a straight, gay, or bisexual person.
• Keep your special and long-lasting relationship going with one of the four vampires of Unit Bravo.
• Add to your character by choosing on important parts of their growth.
• Grow and define friendships and connections from Book One and Book Two.
• Will you find a new partner, make peace, or fight the new supernatural situation?
• Enjoy the freedom to play in a way that fits your attitude, stats, or preferences.
• Get lost in a world full of people, stories, legends, and most of all, fun!

It is time for the Carnival. Get ready for the trip.

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