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WWE SuperCard was developed by Visual Concepts, the studio behind NBA 2K, WWE 2K, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The longest-running WWE game combines deck-building and card-battling with your favourite WWE Champions and Superstars! WrestleMania 39: The Road to WrestleMania and The Showcase of the Immortals is a never-ending battle.

Various WWE Superstars, including Roman Reigns, John Cena, The Rock, and others, will be featured on trading cards for WrestleMania 39. There will be surprises in store with rare cards featuring WWE superstars and legends. Get in on the action of WrestleMania with WWE SuperCard and earn rewards exclusive to the card deck.

Play the game of card strategy with brand new pieces of gear and decks. You can upgrade your card collection with new gear in the style of Cody Rhodes, or you can take on the Undertaker-themed Tomb Smasher Interactive Pack and reap the many prizes it offers. Enjoy exciting deck-building and card-battling with WWE SuperCard Champions!

Participate in ranked, real-time PvP CCG bouts. Exciting game modes such as TLC, Atomic Drop, and more are waiting for you to jump in. Card matches are announced by well-known WWE commentators, adding realism. Send your opponent crashing to the virtual mat with a leg drop, a Rock Bottom, and your dream team of WWE Superstars!

Wrestling action cards are the perfect complement to any action card collection. Become the best card collector there is and play exciting CCGs with millions of other gamers. Accumulate Superstars, construct a deck, and compete in card battles to rise through the ranks.

Based on premium live events like WrestleMania, Survivor Series, SummerSlam, and more, the WWE universe grows with every update! Featuring WWE Superstars and Legends from SmackDown and Monday Night Raw, this card game is sure to be a hit.

Get ready to rumble alongside reigning champion Roman Reigns and a slew of other stars:
WWE Superstars Like Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan, Bianca Belair, Drew McIntyre, and Asuka
More than just AJ Styles, in fact.


BATTLE CARDS IN WM39 – Accumulate cards with the brand-new WrestleMania 39 Tier – Deck building just got a whole lot better with limited edition cards of WWE Legends like ‘The American Dream’ According to Dusty Rhodes, you and your favourite Superstars may slam the competition at WrestleMania 39.

Card Battle and Strategy – Experience Thrilling CCG Action Against Friends and Rival Players! Play this card game of strategy to become the champion – Improve your talent’s stats to gain an advantage in all of your action card duels.

Build your ultimate WWE card collection with your favourite WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars, WWE Legends, and WWE Hall of Famers, including Mr. T, André the Giant, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Batista, Randy Orton, Big E, Becky Lynch, Finn Bálor, and more!
When using a WWE Superstar who is the current champion, you get a +Championship Boost.
– WrestleMania and other WWE Network PPV event superstars join your card deck – Card collector skills let you to level up cards in the Performance Centre while offline

Find your opponent’s combat cards and take control of their region in TLC, an exciting action card game.
Tag Team Takedown is a cooperative card game variant with epic rewards, while Atomic Drop is a game in which players win by dropping tokens down a board.
Put your card-playing skills to the test in competitive multiplayer matches played in real time.
Team Battleground: The Ultimate Competition

Season 9’s Events, Challenges, and Rewards Have Been Revised
In this card game, you can collect cards by opening packs every week, each of which has a different WWE Superstar and a special reward.
Open Challenges and daily log-in awards make deck-building even more rewarding.

Accumulate WWE Superstar trading cards and face off in the ninth season!

System Requirements: OS 5.0.0 or later.

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