Bus Simulator 2023 MOD APK v1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

Bus Simulator 2023 lets you take control and become a real Bus Driver! It has accurate maps of the whole world, modern buses with real-looking interiors, and a ground-breaking physics engine that works on a 1:1 scale.

Get behind the wheel of your bus and drive it to all the stops. You can choose a gasoline bus, a hybrid bus, an electric bus, or an articulated bus, and then make it the way you want.

This bus simulation game has next-generation graphics, a wide range of buses to choose from, and places from all over the world to explore in career mode, freeride, and online multiplayer with friends.

Features: – Realistic maps inside and outside of cities: United States (San Francisco and Texas), South America (Buenos Aires), Europe (Germany, Spain, Prague, St. Petersburg), Dubai, Shanghai, and more…
– You can choose from a variety of regular/diesel, hybrid, electric, and articulated buses.
– Game options for Career, Free-Ride, and Multiplayer.
There are many ways to customize a bus, such as with paint, decorations, body parts, air conditioning, flags, stickers, and more.
– Interiors that are detailed and can be changed.
– A button to open and close the doors, and simulated people getting on and off the bus.
– Controls with a steering wheel, buttons, or a turning wheel.
– All kinds of places, including cities, farms, mountains, deserts, and snow
– You can choose from different times of day and weather.
– A method for running a bus company that lets you hire drivers for your buses and set up your own routes.
– Intelligent Traffic System – Immersive online multiplayer co-op play.
– Add your friends, chat with them in real time, and ask them to play with you in coop bus routes.
There are leaderboards, trophies, and scores.

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