Muse Dash v3.1.0 MOD APK (Menu, Unlocked all, God Mode, full Paid)

“Playing music while hitting.”
“Does that sound like a call from another planet?”
[Now the game begins—!!]

Pretty girls or songs with a beat?
If you can find a place for both of them…
Muse Dash must be the heaven of parkour and music games!

Huh?! Not your specialty? It makes no difference!
Who says that to win, you have to have a good sense of rhythm?
You can also choose to avoid.
Rhythm and fighting won’t be a problem as long as you have 100% desire, courage, and love for pretty girls.

You can beat enemies on the ground and in the air by dancing to the music. Watch out for the hazards as well!!
What a simple, easy-to-learn beat game (”)b!

[Media Review] 可愛らしいビジュアルのキャラクターが躍動する、新感覚の2Dアクションスタイルのリズムゲーム ——IGN Japan

“Behind the bright cover is a surprisingly deep and interesting mix-up.”——POCKET GAMER

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