Kingdom Guard APK 1.0.340

Our realm has been overrun by Titan, and our guardian dragons have nearly vanished.

You have just found the legendary last dragon egg, right before Titan and his dark legions march upon you.

Join us as we join our forces in preparation for defending the dragon egg and saving the planet.

1. Consolidate and improve
A completely novel method of progressing, one that does away with the tedium of constructing cities and training armies. You can now command your forces with absolute precision. If you have two units of the same level and kind, you can merge them to make a stronger one.

Defend Your Tower 2
Prepare your forces for battle by combining and training them. The outcomes of defence strategies will always be different and unexpected.

3D Sandbox Strategy Game
To reach greatness in this harsh realm, you must form an alliance, seize the dark throne, and bring back the guardian dragon. Make history by ruling supremely in the new millennium.

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