Toy Blast APK 12034

Fire your toys right now! Millions of people all across the world spend time each day playing the pinnacle of matching puzzles.

Through thousands of levels, you’ll be matching coloured cubes and combining boosters to unleash massive explosions.

You now have access to the most intriguing problems you will ever have to solve.

Toy Blast is a puzzle game in which you must help Amy on her journey in as many different ways as possible.

Explore the most vibrant areas of the Toy Blast and take part in the most exciting adventures in a never-ending series of episodes!

Unique and simple to learn, all you have to do to play is tap the cubes that are a match. There are around 7500 riddles, from the simplest to the most difficult. Thrilling competitions between the best players in the globe take place regularly in the Cube Party, Star Tournament, Team Adventure, Crown Rush, Rotor Party, and Team Race Legends Arena.
Joining a team will provide you advantages and extra lives.
Take on Hoop Shot’s daily challenges for a chance at some sweet prizes!
Take along an army of cute stuffed animals and dolls.
Numerous potent combinations and useful enhancers to aid with puzzle-solving
A worldwide and regional leaderboard are available for players to compare their statistics.

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