Mcpro24fps Mod APK 039au (Paid/patched)

This could be the most advanced and powerful professional video camera app for Android. With mcpro24fps, your phone will be able to do amazing things with movies that were previously only possible with professional camcorders. If you have a question, please email us:
We made mcpro24fps movie camera just for Android, so we know it will make the most of your phone’s technical features. Thousands of professional filmmakers from all over the world are already using our video camera app to make festival films, music videos, live reports, commercials, and anything else that requires advanced features to make the authors’ big ideas come to life.
Even the most experienced cameraman will be surprised by some of these features:
Shooting with 10-bit for a lot of devices. HLG / HDR10 HDR movie
“Big” cameras can record video in Log mode without turning on the GPU. Huge number of Log modes for any situation. Technical LUTs for smooth interpretation of Log in post-production. On-screen LUT for precise control of the frame when shooting. Deanamorphing and working with attached lenses. Programmable Focus and Zoom and how they work together.
You can turn your phone into a video camera and start making movies right away.
Note: It’s important to know that the way the functions work relies on how your device works technically. For the phone to work right, it needs at least the Limited level of the Camera2 API.
Useful links:
1. You can ask questions about how some of your phone’s abilities work in the program chat on Telegram: 2. Also, F.A.Q. : will be helpful. 3. For instant conversion of log footage in professional editing tools, download our free Technical LUTs here: 4. Official site:
The full technical specs are very long and can be found at the link above on the official website. Take a look at some of them.

• Support for multiple cams (when possible)
• Each camera’s settings are kept in a different file.
• Recording at 24, 25, 30, 60, etc. frames per second.
• Supports all of the formats listed in the Camera2 API. • Supports two codecs: AVC (h264) and HEVC (h265).
• Able to record up to 500 Mb/s;
• Optical and digital video picture stabilization*
• Using a tone curve to set up log data.
Adjusting the tone curve through the GPU. Changing the image through more GPU filters. Changing the hardware noise reduction, hardware sharpness, and hardware hot-pixel correction settings. Adding more noise reduction through the GPU.
• Setting up the GOP • Different ways to strike a “white balance”
• Manual exposure mode and automatic exposure mode • Adjustable automatic exposure correction • Three focus modes: automatic continuous, automatic on touch, and manual focus • Three perfect crop-zoom modes • Variable bitrate mode and experimental constant bitrate mode • Adjustable distortion correction
• Help for a variety of sound sources
• Support for different sampling rates, AAC (up to 510 kb/s), and WAV. • Ability to add WAV to MP4. *This depends on the device’s powers and the manufacturer’s approval for 3rd party applications.
Use mcpro24fps to make your best movies.

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