The Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.16.0 (Unlimited money)

The game The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon gets harder as time goes on. But it’s not like most “idle” games where you build cities. Since this is an army game, there are no stores, restaurants, roller coasters, or fun parks.
Do you want to be a lazy army general in charge of the military units and peacekeeping operations of a powerful state? Do you want a new soldier to learn everything there is to know about the army? Bring freedom, law, and order to every part of the world, even the most remote ones!

On the orders of a high-ranking army general, you will set up a military camp and run a military base in a dangerous area. Your main job is to show green trainees how to do their jobs as operators. To protect the army’s home base, every new fighter and sergeant must know how to use a gun. Every so often, professional troops attack the military camp. If it were about the gang or zombies, it would be better… Dealing with zombies is easy.

A military base that isn’t being used is a complex building that needs to be built, improved, and changed. Every building is used for something different.
Chefs cook in the kitchen. Even though this isn’t a diner, you can get a cookie and soda for dessert.
If you get sick in the room, the doctors will put you in a hospital bed so you don’t feel like you’re in jail.
It isn’t a group of hotels where you can spend the night. Instead, it’s a camp with everything you could need, like a lemonade and cookie vending machine.
Play games if you want to be strong. Sergeants, figure out what your trainees who aren’t doing anything should be doing. There is no gym at the army camp. It has its own firing range and gun range. This isn’t a golf game or a roller coaster; it’s a simulation of the army, you newbie!

Learn how to be the best special forces fighter and go on missions with the transport forces cars. In the service, you can start your own business!
Earn money, put it back in the bank, and tap tap tap to invest in the base’s growth.

– Give some of the money to each of your sites.
Train and help every soldier get better. Watch how well your trainees are doing.
Set up settings for the clicker game for the trainees. Move troops between hot spots. Make a plan for your guys to train.
– Give dangerous jobs to agents
Get awards from the headquarters; unlock and create new bases; build an army business empire. – Clicker adventure game about making money


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