My Talking Hank v2.4.0.393 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Hack Max level)

Talking Tom and Friends has released a BRAND NEW free app. The franchise already has over 15 billion downloads, and its games My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela are popular all over the globe. Introducing My Talking Hank! Assist Hank in pursuing his passion for photography by assisting him in taking photographs of the various animals that live on the Hawaiian islands. He has an open mind and is eager to discover new places. Hank needs you!

Hank is your new favorite virtual companion, so be sure to take good care of him. Give him some scrumptious food, show him where the bathroom is, and then put him to slumber in a hammock outside under the night sky.

Photography is a hobby that Hank enjoys. He has the intention of photographing each and every wild species that resides on the island. And there are a lot of them to find, including a fluffy white bunny, a silly flamingo, a criminal hip hop hippo, and a lot of others. Move from one part of the island to another as you explore it. Put the animals’ playthings and sustenance out for them. Watch for them to arrive, and when they do… CLICK! … make a collection of their photographs.

Not only will Talking Hank repeat everything you say in a hilarious voice, but he will also take the enjoyment to an entirely new level! Laugh out loud at his never-ending exploits, including his antics in the bathroom and a great deal more besides! My Talking Hank is going to become your new favorite app if you like apps that are similar to Tamagotchi and game mechanics that involve collecting cats.

Aloha, and welcome to Hawaii! Look at this beautiful house you have on the island! It has a stylish appearance both day and night!
Raise Hank: You are the only one who can provide for Hank’s requirements, which range from feeding him to taking him to the bathroom.
Help Hank finish his photo album by taking photographs of wild and exotic animals for him to look through later.
Attract animals: Because some of them are afraid of Hank, you’ll need to use food and trinkets to coax them out of their hiding places.
Keep playing: Exploration is the best way to find all of My Talking Hank’s hidden elements, so don’t stop looking!

The cost of Hank’s Premium Monthly Subscription is $4.99 per month. For this amount, subscribers receive a discount of 80% on all energy potions, double the currency rewards from all animals attracted, and +150% more diamonds on all diamond purchases. Other benefits include double the currency rewards from all animals attracted.

At the time that you finalize your purchase, the applicable payment method will be deducted from the balance available in your Google Play account. If the registration is not canceled at least one month before the end of the current subscription period, it will continue to be automatically renewed on the following month. When you terminate your subscription, the cancellation will take effect beginning with the following billing cycle after you have already paid for the subscription. After making a purchase, navigate to the settings section of your Google Play account to handle or cancel any subscriptions you may have. It is important to remember that deleting the app will not automatically terminate your subscription to the service.

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