May 29, 2024

1500 Prize Bond Result 15 February 2024 Announced

1500 prize bond result held on 15 February 2024 check online here. All Draws for Prize Bond Result 1500 in 2024: Like lottery bonds, prize bonds are a type of non-interest-bearing security that is overseen by the central bank. Result for the February 2024 1500 Prize Bond There will be a draw for the Rs. 1,500 Prize Bond soon. These bonds are issued in distinct series.

1500 Prize Bond Result 15 February 2024

1500 Prize Bond Online Check for February 2024 – Prize bonds are drawn every quarter, but they don’t earn income like regular bonds do. February 2024, 1500 Prize Bond Karachi The National Savings program, operated by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), selects winners through lucky draws. List of Prize Bonds for February 2024: 1500 Purchasing Prize Bonds is akin to making a loan to the government—in this example, the State Bank of Pakistan.

1500 prize bond result

1500 Prize Bond Draw

Title 1500 Prize Bond Result
Draw Date February 2024
Result Date 15 February 2024
Check Result Click Here
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1500 prize Bond Draw List

The National Savings routinely announces the prize draw schedule, which typically takes place every three months. 1500 Prize Bond List 2024. Prize Bond List 2023 (PDF): 1500 The voting for this month’s Lucky Draw No. 97 of the Rs. 1500 prize bond is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2024, in Lahore. 500 February 2024 Prize Bond, 1500.

100 Prize Bond Result 15 February 2024 Announced

1500 Prize Bond Draw

The maximum prize amounts are Rs2 million, Rs20 million, and Rs40 million for the Rs500, Rs5,000, and Rs10,000 denominations, respectively. Participants will have the chance to win cash prizes by using these special investment products.

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