Board Kings APK 4.42.1

** Roll the dice and be the King of your Board **

Welcome to Board Kings, a multiplayer board game where you can build and improve your own board and also go to your friends’ boards and fight their buildings. Never before has it been so much fun to play with your friends and family. In this crazy Board Game, you can build, improve, steal, and destroy.
As you build and improve your kingdom, you roll the dice. As you become the Board King and Dice King, you will find new amazing Boards. In Board Kings, the fun and adventures never end, so roll the dice and let’s get going!

Board Kings is free to play; just roll the dice and you’re ready to go.
With free rolls every hour, you can keep rolling all the time.
This live-action multiplayer game is the real deal. You play and fight online with real friends.

When you join this epic journey, you get the following:

Unique 3D art—you can look at your Board from every angle!
Build and improve your Board—there are so many ways to do it!
You can go to the Boards of your friends, attack them, and take their Coins.
There are always new Boards and places to discover, so the fun never ends.
Every Board you unlock has a new minigame!
Get Coins and Gems to make your Board better!
You can get out of a jam by using Power Cards.
You can have fun with a lot of different Game Idols.
Boards with lots of action, including your own Police Station, Train Station, Card Deck, and much more!
There are magical landmarks that will help your board.
There are events and challenges every day. Play against your friends or try to beat your own scores!
The best prizes are always up for grabs. You can win amazing prizes every day. As you grow and build your empire, you can unlock crazy fun features.

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Let’s go! Roll the dice.

Board Kings is for people over the age of 18. Board Kings is free to download and play, but you can also spend real money inside the game to buy virtual goods. In-app payments can be turned off in your device’s settings. There may also be ads in Board Kings. To play Board Kings and use its social functions, you may need to be connected to the internet. You can also find out more about how Board Kings works, how it works with other apps, and how it works with other apps in the app store details and description above.

By downloading this game, you agree to receive changes as they are posted on your app store or social network. You don’t have to update this game, but if you don’t, it might not work as well or have as many features.

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