May 26, 2024
1st year Date Sheet 2023 DG Khan Board

9th Class Date Sheet D G Khan Board 2024

Latest Announcement: BISE Dera Ghazi Khan announced the start date of the 9th class annual exam 2024. The final date is set to be 19th March 2024 and the exam will continue until 05 April 2024. Officially date sheet will be announced By the BISE Dera Ghazi Khan. All the students can check their date sheet on this page Class Date Sheet D G Khan Board 2024 is given below.

9th Class Date Sheet D G Khan Board 2024
9th Class Date Sheet D G Khan Board 2024

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dera Ghazi Khan has issued the date sheet of the 9th class examinations for the year 2024 till now. The students who are waiting for the 9th class date sheet can check the 9th class date sheet on this page Students can also get the 9th class exam schedule of the BISE DG Khan board on this page.

9th Class date sheet announced by D.G Khan board 2024

Good News for Students BISE D.G Khan Board has announced the 9th class date sheet For the annual exam 2024. Here you can see and download the date sheet.

Date Day Subject(1st Time) Subject (2nd Time)
19/03/2024 Tue Economics/N.E.W History/N.E.W
20/03/2024 Wed English English
21/03/2024 Thur Arabic/ N.E.W N.E.W
22/03/2024 Fri Biology/Computer Biology/Computer
25/03/2024 Mon Chemistry/G.Science Chemistry/G.Science
26/03/2024 Tue Education N.E.W
27/03/2024 Wed Physics/ Islamic study Physics/ Islamic study
28/03/2024 Thu Tarjma tul Quran Tarjma tul Quran/Ethics
29/03/2024 Fri Persian/N.E.W Civic/N.E.W
30/03/2024 Sat Ismlayat old New Course Ismlayat old New Course
1/04/2024 Mon Math Math
02/04/2024 Tue Punjabi /N.E.W Punjabi /N.E.W
03/04/2024 Wed Urdu Urdu
04/04/2024 Thu Elements of Home Eco N.E.W
05/04/2024 Fri Pak Studies Pak Studies

9th Class Date Sheet released By D.G Khan Board 2024

Note: BISE Dera Ghazi Khan Board has announced the final date sheet of the 9th class 2024. By the latest meeting of the board 9th class schedule has been released by the board committee. The 9th class’s first paper starts on 19th March of Arts Group and Science Group begin on 20th March 2024 to 05th April 2024.

BISE D.G Khan 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) D.G Khan has announced the annual exam date sheet for the 9th class exam. Officially Board announced the exam start date for the 9th class exam which will be held from 19th March 2024. The students who are waiting for the date sheet should ensure their annual exam preparation in any case. They will take the daily tests in the school academy where they are studying. And also prepare themself according to the board pattern. The pattern is provided to all students on

The date sheet is a schedule of dates and times that lists the times when exams or tests will be held. It is often used in schools and academies to let students know when they need to be prepared exams. The date sheet may also include other important information such as the location of the exam or test and the duration of the exam or test. Students need to review the date sheet carefully so that they know when to be available to take the exams.

Admission Schedule for 9th Class BISE D.G Khan

Final Date of commencement of 9thth Class Annual exam 19 March 2024
Admission form submit Last date with Single Fee 15-11-2023 to 12-12-2023
The last date of admission with a Double Fee 13-12-2023 to 25-12-2023
Submission of Admission form with Triple Fee 26-12-2023 to 03-01-2024


Date of Commencement of SSC Part-I (1st Annual) Examination, 2024: 19-03-2024

Fee Schedule for 9th class 2024

For Regular Students

ٹرپل فیس ڈبل فیس سنگل فیس گروپ
2390 1770 530 سائنس
2240 1670 530 آرٹس
Admission Schedule for 9th Class Exam 2024

For Private Students

ٹرپل فیس ڈبل فیس سنگل فیس گروپ
3480 2830 2180 سائنس
3330 2730 2130 آرٹس
Admission Schedule for 9th Class Exam 2024

Ninth Class Date Sheet 2024 Dera Ghazi Khan Board

The DG Khan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has not announced the date sheet for ninth-class examinations. Class IX will be conducted from 19 March to 05 April 2024. The papers will be conducted in 2 sessions morning and evening. The students will be given exams in Urdu, English, Maths, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Economics, Arts, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Quran, and Technology.

Paper Schedule for 9th Class Annual Examination 2024

  • Morning time paper will start from 8:30 AM
  • Evening Time paper will Start at 1:30 Pm.
  • On Friday evening time the paper will start at 2:30 PM.

Every year the board conducts the annual exam two times one paper in the morning time and another in the evening time. Both papers are different but the pattern of the form is the same. Each paper will be divided into three different sessions.

  1. Objective questions or multiple choice which students have to fill in the bubbles on the answer copy.
    Note: Each student has an objective code different from the other students in the exam center where they are sitting in the plan. In each paper, five code papers are given to the students with shuffling in the objective questions.
  2. In this session, the short questions are divided into three questions in each question the student is given a choice.
  3. The final session is the beginning of each paper in which the student has to answer in detail.

Dera Ghazi Khan Board 9th Class date Sheet

Latest Board News: If you are looking for the 9th class annual exam date sheet 2024 then you are absolutely at the right place. will be the first site to provide you with the 9th Class date sheet 2024. Students also need to touch with us for further updates. Regular students can get their roll number slips from the school a few days after the board announcement. The private students are sent by the board to their given address through post. In this roll number slip, the examination center of the students, the name of the paper, and the time of the paper are mentioned. Students Must Reach your exam center half an hour before the paper starts.

Exam Policy for 9th Class date sheet 2024

In the meeting of all the Punjab boards, it has been decided to set a new grade system for the passing marks of matriculation and inter exams. Also, the pass marks have been increased from 33% to 40%, in which 95% to 100% of students will get an A. Plus grade and 80% to 85% of marks will get a B plus grade. This new grid system will be approved to be implemented for the next three years.

Dgk board 9th class date sheet 2024

D.G. Khan Board will conduct the 9th class 2024 from the 19th of April 2024 and the official date sheet will be announced. However, the tentative date sheet will be available on after announced by the Board. Students must repeat their syllabus and have command of 9th-class all subjects. Following ways for students can prepare for their exams.

If you are preparing for your 9th-class exams, here are a few tips that might help you:

  1. Follow board patterns. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect in the exam and how to allocate time to each question.
  2. Make a schedule for testing
  3. Make a study schedule and stick to it. Decide how much time you want to devote to each subject and try to follow your schedule as closely as possible.
  4. Review your notes and previous year’s question papers. This will give you a good idea of the types of questions that are likely to be asked in the exam.
  5. Practice solving questions from various sources, such as textbook problems, online resources, and sample papers. Take breaks to rest and recharge. It’s important to stay fresh and avoid burning out.
  6. Seek help if you need it. If you are struggling with a particular concept or subject, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers or classmates for help.

Latest Update on Newly Added Subject

In the 9th class, a new subject is added for the Muslim students “Tarjama-tul-Quran”.The Punjab Board of Education has decided this year that it is necessary to teach the Quran to Muslim students in large classes and to teach the translation of the Quran as a subject in the board classes. This subject should also be included in the examination. Taken and allotted 50 marks like his Islamiat.

Class 9th
New subject Tarjama-tul-Quran
Marks 50
9th Class Total Marks 555
Total Subjects 9
Passing Marks 40%

How to download the 9th class date sheet 2024

To download the 9th class date sheet, you will need to follow these steps:

Go to the website or the Board of Education.

Click on the link to access the date sheet.

The date sheet may be available as a PDF file, in which case you can simply download it by clicking on the download button or link.

If the date sheet is not available as a PDF, you may need to take a printout or manually write down the exam dates and times

Online check date sheet 9th Class

It is common for the Board of Intermediate Secondary Education to make date sheets available online. So that students can easily access them and see when exams or tests are scheduled. To check the date sheet online, you will need to go to the website or BISE DGK and look for the date sheet or exam schedule. You may need to log in to your account or provide some identifying information to access the date sheet. Once you have found the date sheet, you can view it and make a note of the dates and times of the exams or tests that you need to take. If you have any questions about the date sheet or the exams or tests, you should contact your school or Board for more information.
It is important to review the date sheet carefully and make a note of the dates and times of the exams or tests that you need to take..

Importance of 9th Class Examination

9th class exams are an important milestone in Students’ academic careers. They serve as a transition between primary and secondary education, and the marks you receive can have a significant impact on your future academic and career prospects.

Here are a few reasons why 9th-class exams are important:

They determine which subjects you will be able to study in the future. In many cases, the subjects you choose in the 9th class will form the foundation for your future studies.

They provide a benchmark of Students’ academic progress. Student marks in the 9th class exams will give you an idea of students’ strengths and weaknesses.

They can affect your chances of getting into a good school or college. Many schools and colleges use 9th-class exam results as one of the criteria for admission.

About BISE D.G Khan


The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dera Ghazi Khan (BISE DG Khan) is located at 4-A, Block-D, Satellite Town, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.


The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dera Ghazi Khan (BISE DG Khan) is an important organization in the Dera Ghazi Khan division of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It is responsible for conducting intermediate and secondary-level exams and issuing certificates to successful candidates. These exams and certificates are important for students who wish to pursue higher education or enter the workforce. It also provides transcripts and certificates to successful candidates. The board is responsible for the registration of private and regular students. The issuance of roll number slips, the announcement of exam schedules, the conduct of exams, and the issuance of results


BISE DG Khan was established in 1989 and serves a population of over 3 million. Prior to its establishment, intermediate and secondary level exams in the Dera Ghazi Khan division were conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore. The establishment of BISE DG Khan allowed for the creation of a separate education board for the Dera Ghazi Khan division. It helped to improve the quality and efficiency of the education system in the region.